We solve growth challenges!


The core of the development of FiiZK's digital solutions is that we have a close partnership with the farmers. As a result of this the programs are customized to fit all the need for the farmer.

Closed Cage

FiiZK designs and de FiiZK designs and delivers closed cages that are costum-made for your needs. We have run tests that shows that by using closed cages the growth rate have been significant better compared to the reference Cage. We also deliver products for land-based farming.

Technical Tarpaulins

At FiiZK, we are proud of having over 140 years of experience in technical tarpaulins. Assortment and production methods have changed a lot. But the focus is still on delivering customized quality products. Today we supply technical tarpaulins for farming, industry, construction industry, transport industry and agriculture.

Professional services

The expertise of our employees is our most important resource. We put a team together that will have a costumized solutions for your needs.

FiiZK Landbased Systems

FiiZK Land-based Aquaculture provides efficient operation of plants, increased safety and growth.

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