FiiZK first out!
100% Norwegian recycling of Fish Farming plastic.

  • 2019, New environmental station built in Trøndelag
  • 250,000 sqm lace skirt recycled
  • Co2 cut 36.2 TONNES
  • Customer solution with annual environmental accounts
  • No export of unprocessed waste
  • Only certified carriers, road / sea
  • 2020 Goals; 50/50 reuse & recycling of all manufactured material. Limit emissions by 100 tonnes of CO2

Background to our commitment

  • UN Sustainability Goals (Sections 12, 13 & 14).
  • Fiizk is one of the country’s largest manufacturers of textiles for Norwegian aquaculture, over 1 million square meters annually.
  • 150,000 tonnes of plastic in Norwegian Aquaculture, where about 40,000 tonnes are exported and put large environmental footprints. (source, Sintef report “Material flows in the aquaculture industry”)
  • Increasing focus on material recycling and the environment
  • Signals about new requirements from the Environment Agency, producer responsibility.

Contact us to find a solution for
material recycling and
environmental accounting!

Petter Haug Jenssen

Petter Haug Jenssen

Sales Manager Technical Tarpaulins

(+47) 951 59 944

Petter's main focus is sales and developing return solutions for our products. He is also responsible for the sale of our land-based solutions. Petter has Maritime experience and experience from designing buildning structure from the time before he started working in Fiizk. Petter have a degree in material engineering and mechanical engineering from NTNU.

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