At FiiZk you will get access to our employee’s unique knowledge and experience along with modern means of production, which adds great value to our partners.  

The combination of experience from the suppliers within industry and aquaculture, as well as academic formal competence in biology, economics, aquaculture, cybernetics and programming, will help us develop the aquaculture industry further. 

At FiiZK, we combine over140 years of industrial history in craftmanship with advanced technology. Which enables us to offer customers advanced specific solutions and high-quality products for your company.  

FiiZK is a result if a corporate organization of the companies Infront-X, Botngaard and SHM Enabling Technologies. We will continue to provide industry-leading solutions in software, closed cage and technical tarpaulins. At the same time, our overall goal, through continuous technology development, is to solve growth challenges for the aquaculture industry. 

We encourage you to become better acquainted with our products, employees and services on these websites. And feel free to contact us. 

FiiZK– We solve growth challenges 

About the companies that forms FiiZK: 

Industry-leading software and experience within software for planning, optimization, budgeting, analysis and digitization of production management. 

Leading supplier of technical tarpaulins, tarpaulin products and closed cage solutions. Brings more than 140 years of industrial production experience into Fiizk. 

SHM Enabling Technologies 

Developes pioneering digital integration platform for the aquaculture industry. 

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