Ashleigh Currie

Lice Skirts and Delousing Tarpaulins – the season is underway
Lice skirts and delousing tarpaulins are an effective solution to include in your company’s sea lice management strategy. When used correctly, the products work very well for prevention and treatment with fish welfare, the environment and functionality driving our design process. Lice Skirt As the world’s largest manufacturer of lice skirts, our two main products: […] Read more
Why use lice skirts?
Lice skirts can be an effective part of sea lice management strategies to aid in the control and the prevention of the ectoparasite, Lepeophtheirus salmonis. A lice skirt is a passive and flexible solution that can be adapted to many different types of cages, environmental conditions and ensures straightforward practical use.From peer reviewed research we […] Read more