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Update on semi-closed cages in Norway and Canada
FiiZK is well underway with the delivery of five semi-closed cages – the Certus 15000 – to SinkabergHansen AS. The cages will be operational in May 2021 at SinkabegHansen’s site Lismåsøya in Brønnøysund. The first floating collar was launched this January and assembly will continue. “This is a large and important order for FiiZK and […] Les mer
New year, more possibilities
A new year brings new opportunities and for us at FiiZK it has meant a huge new opportunity. From 4th January 2021 we have increased our number of employees as a result of a merger with NWP. This means that our customers and partners gain more product knowledge, greater production flexibility and increased expertise of […] Read more
We strengthen our technical tarpaulin production and join forces with Norwegian Weather Protection (NWP)!
Trondheim/Bergen 2020.12.11 Read more
Planning tool adapted to land-based farming!
For many years, the production of fish on land has limited itself to the production of smolt, in relatively simple production facilities and departments. Challenges such as sea lice, escapes and disease have led to a greater focus on making the sea phase in the production as short as possible.This has resulted in increased interest […] Read more
New Business Unit Director to FiiZK Digital!
Håkon Skjelten, new Business Unit Director to FiiZK Digital Read more
FiiZK Closed Systems - 2020.11.10 Read more
News from FiiZK Closed Systems!
Norwegian fish farmer SinkabergHansen equips full site with closed cages from FiiZK FiiZK delivers 5 Certus 15000 closed cages to a SinkabergHansen site in Nordland County. In May 2021, an 1.5 million smolt input of 120g each will habitate the closed cages until they reach 2 kg in December. Then the fish will be transferred […] Read more
FiiZK establishment In Scotland and Ireland
In order to meet the requirements of our Scottish and Irish customers, FiiZK has employed Ashleigh Currie as Business Development Manager for Scotland and Ireland. Ashleigh holds a PhD in Marine Science and has worked as Fish Health and Welfare manager for Scottish Sea Farms Ltd in Shetland. She will start with FiiZK on the […] Read more
Bjarte Ljøkjell, our new competence supplement to FiiZK Closed systems!
In September our new colleague Bjarte Ljøkjell,started at FiiZK Closed Systems.He has previously worked for Xylem and Akvafuture, with a background in electrical and automation and also has a broad experience in pump systems, water purification and aquaculture.Bjarte will use his broad electrical and automation expertise in our project deliveries on closed cages, where the […] Read more
New milestone for our investment in technology for closed cages!
FiiZK Closed Systems Read more