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Lice skirt from FiiZK
Tailor-made, great durability and extremely competitive on price! Read more
The most advanced closed waiting cage provided
Originally published at Dec. 2, 2019. Read more
The Autumn smolt thrives in a closed cage!
The result is good fish welfare and faster growth - an advantage the fish take with them all the way to slaughter. Read more
New solutions from FiiZK! Land-based, roof and constructions.
FiiZK Land Based - Closed Systems Read more
New Employee at FiiZK!
FiiZK Digital Ranheim Read more
Winter Ready?
FiiZK Technical Tarpaulins Read more
New employee at FiiZK!
FiiZK Digital Ranheim Read more
By Robert Hansen - Project Manager in FiiZK Read more
What will The Internet of Things mean for the Aquaculture Industry? Article by Rune Volden, CTO Integrator – FiiZK Digital
The article is in Norwegian and is originally published at - 2018 Read more
New colleague at FiiZK Digital Ranheim!
FiiZK Ctrl Read more