Here you will find an overview of some of the people in the company with contact information.

Torstein Rønning


(+47) 995 90 019

Torbjørn Skjetne

Deputy CEO

(+47) 924 36 867

In addition to be the Deputy CEO, Torbjørn`s focuse areas is implementation, operation and support of the Financial modules in the Fiizk Horizon Suite. He has a solid experience in developing software for the aquaculture industry, and he have a deep understanding of the software programs. Torbjørn has a Computer engineering degree from Hist, Economics and Business Administration from TØH and sivil engineer from UiS.

Håkon Skjelten

Business Unit Director Digital

(+47) 997 47 075

Håkon has a background as a civil engineer in technical cyber technology and has extensive experience from the oil industry as a co-founder of Aptomar. He also has experience from factory, production and entrepreneurship in the electrical industry. Håkon has lived in Trondheim since 1999 but is originally from Sunnmøre, and is also an avid pilot of a small aircraft in his spare time!

Einar Vik

Business Unit Director Closed Systems

(+47) 934 97 576

In addition to working with the daily management of the Closed System, Einar works actively with project management and technical solutions within closed systems. Einar has 20 years of experience in technical, project and management from the supplier industry to the offshore industry and has a degree from HIST (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) as a mechanical engineer.

Steffen Silden Langelo

Business Unit Director – Technical Textiles

(+47) 970 90 301

Steffen is educated as an MBA from NHH (Norwegian School of Economics) and he has a professional certificate as a butcher.

Jan Kevin Skarholt


(+47) 906 62 619

Kevin's focus is business development based on the industry's current and future needs. Kevin has broad management and organizational experience from different industries. Skarholt has his educational  background from the Norwegian military and NTNU.

Magnus Stendal

Business Development Manager

(+ 47) 980 39 701

Magnus has several years of experience from AkvaGroup with production and deliveries for the aquaculture industry both nationally and internationally. With many years of experience in business development in various industries, Magnus has been very central to the development of the closed cage solutions that FiiZK produces and sells. Magnus is educated at the Copenhagen Business School and at Griffith University in Australia.

Eivind Brendryen

CTO Digital

(+47) 489 92 270

Eivind is responsible for the technical division at Fiizk. He also has overall responsibility for the developer team and the development of new software. Eivind have a wide experience from operating and developing software for the aquaculture industry.

Magne Johnsen

Software Senior Consultant

(+47) 926 42 567

With his broad background, Magne is central in the constant development of our software. Magne is the company's founder and has extensive experience from software development for the aquaculture industry. Magne is trained a Computer Engineer and he holds a degree as a Civil Engineer (Master) in Industrial Economics from NTNU.

Rune Volden

CTO Integrator

(+47) 928 87 753

Rune has been leading the development within industrial internet platform at Ulstein Power & Control (X-CONNECT) since 2011. He has experience from bridge systems, automation systems and general control systems for maritime applications, at Ulstein, Rolls-Royce Marine and Odim. He have a PhD in Computer Vision at Institute of Engineering Cybernetics from NTNU. He is also a BSc.H in Electronics from University of Manchester.

Christian Hammernes

Project manager - Integrator

(+47) 916 07 490

Christian work as a project manager for FiiZK Integrator with a focus on feeding solutions in FiiZK Digital. He is educated within electrical and mechanics, with long experience from housing, industry and aquaculture. He has a particular fondness for fishfeed, which he started with at the age of 15 at Mowi (then called Marine Harvest).

Odd Inge Forsberg

Senior Consultant Analytics

(+47) 905 35 043

Odd Inge's focus is biological and economic analyzes, modelling and optimization within farming, including growth models. Odd Inge has more than 15 years of research practice from AKVAFORSK and Rogaland research. He is Dr. Philos. aquaculture - University of Bergen and Cand.scient. marine biology - University of Bergen.

Elling Berge Vestbøstad

Senior Engineer

(+47) 928 11 215

Elling has extensive experience in mechanical engineering and product development in agriculture and aquaculture. In addition, he has worked for several years with engineering, technical management and personnel management in the offshore supplier industry. Elling is a graduate of mechanical engineering from Oslo University College.

Svein Brudeseth Tveiten

Senior Engineer

(+47) 412 74 070

For the past 30 years Svein have worked with product development in thermoplastics and technical tarpaulins in combination with other materials.  Svein works with Inventor and Solid Works.  He has general experience with management of his own company and  big construction projects. Svein have a civil engineering degree from Møre og Romsdal technical School. He also have a  business degree from BI.

Bjarte Ljøkjell

Project Manager Closed Systems

(+47) 468 56 243

Bjarte has previously worked for Xylem and Akvafuture, with a background in electrical and automation and also has a broad experience in pump systems, water purification and aquaculture. With his electrical and automation, Bjarte uses his expertise in our project deliveries on closed cages, where his main focus is the development of control systems, automation and software solutions.

Børge Sneisen

Operative Project Manager CS

(+47) 941 40 360

Børge is educated at HIST and has worked with mechanical design and product development in addition to technical management and personnel management. He has extensive experience in several industries and disciplines and works as a project manager for our closed systems.

Ingvild Dagestad

Mechanical engineer CS

(+47) 482 12 831

Ingvild is educated from NTNU, and holds a MSc in marine engineering. She works with local- and global analyzes and has also previously worked with CFD analyzes.

Tormod Hatling

Business Controller

(+47) 988 41 820

Tormod has several years of experience in banking. He has also held positions as Business Controller / Finance Manager from the Defense Building and from various sections in Trondheim Municipality. Tormod has a MSc in Business and Economics from NTNU in Norway.

Linda Skarsaune

Senior Software Developer

(+47) 406 45 605

Linda is an important link between our development  team and customers during product development. Thus she is frequently around to seafarms in order to understand operations, procedures and best practice. Lindas experience exceeds 20 years as a system developer. She is holds a degree as a Computer Engineer.

Knut Solbakken

Senior Software Consultant

(+47) 488 67 022

Knut focuses on customer support while using the applications of the customers and he is an important resource in the development work. He has an extensive operating and management experience from fish farming companies and supplier industry. Bachelor of Aquaculture - University College of Nordland.  

Tom Frode Theigmann


(+47) 901 51 887

Tom Frode Theigmann is an Adjunct and has worked over 20 years in the education sector. He also has experience in counseling and HSE work. FiiZK has a high focus on competency sharing and Tom Frode often works with mentoring students and recruiting in addition to HR for the company.

Ashleigh Currie

Business Development Manager

(+44) 7898 798 528

Ashleigh Currie is a Business Development Manager at FiiZK Ltd for Scotland and Ireland. Ashleigh holds a PhD in Marine Science with a specialism in benthic biogeochemistry and a BSc (Hons) in Marine Biology. Over the past 4 years her experience has been focused on the aquaculture sector as a Fish Health and Welfare Manager for Scottish Sea Farms Ltd in Shetland and more recently as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of the West of Scotland where she was involved in developing automated diagnostic tools for fish health monitoring.

Bjørn Ole Hagen

Sales Consultant Technical Tarpaulins

(+47) 413 73 665

Bjørn Ole has extensive experience from technical solution sales to aquaculture, contractor and the agricultural industry. His professional expertise covers fields in hydraulics, water / plumbing, mounting and power tools.

Petter Haug Jenssen

Sales Manager Technical Tarpaulins

(+47) 951 59 944

Petter's main focus is sales and developing return solutions for our products. He is also responsible for the sale of our land-based solutions. Petter has Maritime experience and experience from designing buildning structure from the time before he started working in Fiizk. Petter have a degree in material engineering and mechanical engineering from NTNU.

Odd Vetle Haarsaker

Sales Consultant Digital

(+47) 906 20 282

Odd Vetle holds a Master from UiN with a Bachelor in Aquaculture Management and leadership and has experience from the aquaculture industry as a Trainee in Mowi, as well as practice from Salten Aquaculture and summer jobs at Nordlaks. Odd Vetle focus is on our digital products.

Nicolas Santamarta

Sales Consultant Technical Tarpaulins

(+47) 915 41 665

Nicolas has a long experience from international sales of technical solutions, including Latin America. In addition to Swedish, Norwegian and English, he speaks fluent Spanish. He has his study background from BI, and his main focus is the sales of technical tarpaulins.

Daniel Thrana

Product developer / technical designer

(+47) 954 66 760

Daniel Thrana is a newly graduated mechanical engineer from NTNU. In addition, he has also studied film technology at HINT from before. He works as a product developer / technical designer of our technical tarpaulins. Among other things, Daniel has designed and constructed his own 3D printer where design and construction are of great passion.

Henrik A. Schultz

Manager Professional Services

(+47) 482 00 277

Henrik knows the aquaculture industry very well, both in and outside of Norway and has previously worked with aquaculture software in the AKVA group. He holds a Cand Mag degree in, Aaquaculture and Informatics from NTNU and is responsible for the delivery and support of our digital solutions.

Line Knutseth

Software Consultant

(+47) 976 01 460

Line`s main focus is the operation and customer support of our financial modules. Line started wokring at Fiizk when she finished her studies at NTNU, she has a master's degree in Economics and Business Administration.

Camilla Ovesen

Customer Service Manager

(+47) 734 93 300

Camilla is responsible for customer service and sales support at FiiZK. Camilla has a long experience in customer service and management of customer service both nationally and internationally, she is also a journeyman's certificated hairdresser.

Ivar Skarhaug

Co-ordinator Technical Tarpaulins

(+47) 734 93 300

Ivar has 30 years of experience in the production of technical textiles for transport, construction, agriculture and aquaculture.
He coordinates incoming orders and prepares them for production, according to choice of materials and joining methods.Ivar is also responsible for ordering production materials, and inbound and outbound logistics at Lundamo.