FiiZK ensures continuous development and optimal operation of our products and services by combining our employees’ specialised competencies with our clients’ broad experience. As a partner of FiiZK you have access to a unique experience within our areas of expertise.

At FiiZK we combine craftsmanship gained through more than 150 years of proud industry history with expertise in technology, computer science, economics and biology. This combination enables us to offer our clients industry specific solutions and premium products.  

Your needs as a client is our focus. At FiiZK, we are confident that our skilled teams of economists, engineers, cybernetics, marine biologists, project managers, tailors and customer advisors have your requirements covered.

By working with FiiZK you will experience that together we can contribute to increased production and quality by using novel technological solutions.

We encourage you to use our web page to get better acquainted with our staff, products and services. And hope that you will contact us with any enquiries.

FiiZK – We solve growth challenges 

About the companies that form FiiZK 

Industry-leading software and experience within software for planning, optimization, budgeting, analysis and digitization of production management. 

Leading supplier of technical tarpaulins, tarpaulin products and closed cage solutions. Brings more than 140 years of industrial production experience into FiiZK. 

SHM Enabling Technologies
Develops pioneering digital integration platform for the aquaculture industry. 

NWP (Norwegian Weather Protection)
One of the top technical textile producers in Norway for aquaculture, construction, agriculture and offshore sectors with over 20 years of development and manufacturing experience.