FiiZK HQ and FiiZK Closed Systems AS
– Former Botngaard Trondheim

The company’s management, marketing, sales and finance function are located at our FiiZK HQ at Lade in the heart of Trondheim city.


FiiZK Digital AS
– Former Infront-X

At Ranheim, right outside of Trondheim city, you will find our divisions that are working on digital development, support, training and operation of all software to the fish farming industry.


FiiZK Digital Integrator AS
– Former SHM Enabling Technologies AS

In Ålesund, Møre and Romsdal county, you will find our department focussing on developing and operating our integration and feeding solutions .


FiiZK Protection AS
– Former Botngaard

Production of technical tarpaulins to the aquaculture industry is the main focus at our factory in Valsnes, Bjugn municipality.


FiiZK Covers AS
– Former Rantex

At Lundamo in Melhus, Trøndelag county, you will find the production of technical tarpaulins to the offshore, construction, cargo and farming industry, as well as production of PVC products to the aquaculture industry. They also do all of the decomposition and environmental recycling of used tarpaulins mainly from the aquaculture industry.