Control your cage environment.

FiiZK designs and delivers closed cages adapted to your requirements for post smolt, brood stock fish and harvesting cages. Research from scientific trials and commercial-scale production has shown better growth and close to zero lice compared to open-net reference cages.

Semi-Closed Cage

Certus 10000 – 30000 Semi-closed containment systems (S-CCS), where an impervious barrier surrounds cultured salmonids to separate them from their external environment, are an important addition to open-net cage farming at sea to aid in ambitions to increase aquaculture production volumes, reduce risk of escapes and eliminate sea lice pressures. For over 10 years, FiiZK […]

Closed holding cage

Certus Harvest Our patented holding cage for harvest size fish, with a capacity up to 750 metric tons, provides a biologically secure and safe environment for fish pending processing. The cage is completely sealed off to the surrounding environment and therefore stops external transmission of unwanted pathogens that some market size fish may harbour. FiiZK’s […]