FiiZK Digital has over 20 years of experience in the development and production of digital solutions for the aquaculture industry. With industry-leading expertise in technology, cybernetics, economics and biology, we can offer our customers industry-specific solutions and high-quality products.

Planning, Finance & Optimization

FiiZK Horizon is a leader in data-driven decision support customized for the aquaculture industry. 42% of all salmon produced in Norway is supported by our Horizon products.

FiiZk Analytics

FiiZK Digital has a unique aquaculture knowledge base. In combination with our software tools, we are a preferred partner when it comes to data analysis and consulting services. Our goal is to solve growth challenges in the aquaculture industry.​ Analysis and development of models Production analysis Production planning and optimization Customized reports – From instinct to science FiiZK Modelling […]


FiiZK CTRL is the next generation production control system for fish farming. The first choice if you are looking for a future-oriented solution for production control. Offline functionality, robust devices and user-friendly interfaces designed for field operations are part of the digitization that FiiZK CTRL will deliver to achieve the best possible production control. What do you get with FiiZK […]

Rugged Tablets

As a partner to Handheld, we offer complete field working solutions based on their rugged tablets. Extreme temperature range tolerance, tested with many of the military standards (MIL-STD) and at least IP65 rating, which means they are completely dustproof and can withstand jets of water.