FiiZK Aqua (formerly known as AkvaFresh AS) supplies systems for membrane filtration of seawater and fresh water. With specific membrane systems, one can produce water qualities for intended requirements. Membrane filtration removes unwanted components and ensures stable water quality.

Membrane Filtration Technology

Membrane filtration solutions remove unwanted components and ensure stable water quality. A membrane is a material that allows some substances to pass through and retains others – a selective barrier. A specific membrane material will retain components of a certain size or with certain chemical properties. For water filtration, pressure is used to get purified […]

Bath treatments

Bath treatments in ion-modified water is highly effective against sea lice and AGD. Bath treatments in ion-modified water is a gentle treatment method to remove sea lice and AGD from salmon. The treatment is gentler to the fish compared to mechanical treatments. This means better welfare, lower mortalities, and less economical loss related to treatments. […]

Purification of inlet water

Clean inlet water is important for growth and welfare in all aquaculture facilities. Depending on the water sources available, FiiZK Aqua provide different solutions to customize the water quality for your specific need. An FiiZK Aqua water treatment plant will prevent diseases and provide optimal growth conditions for your fish. This will lead to decreased […]