140 years of experience benefits our customers

Freshwater depot

We tailor-make and manufacture closed and semi-closed depots to fit all types of cages. With over 140 years of experience in industrial sewing, FiiZK can offer fish farming solutions adapted to requirements, environment and location. Our freshwater depots come with a number of patented solutions to facilitate ease of operation and will provide you with enough fresh water when you need it.

The depot is produced in sizes from 1,000 m³ to 10,000 m³ after mapping needs. Many facilities receive fresh water from well boats, which can be both expensive and time-consuming. A freshwater depot therefore offers a number of benefits.

Treatment tarp

Durable and malleable tarpaulin that can be made for your required biomass. By tailoring the tarpaulin volume, we can ensure you will get the most efficient treatment for the fish, better economy and environmental benefits.

Through the tarpaulin-based de-lice project, FiiZK together with farmers, suppliers and R&D institutes, has focused on being able to carry out the de-licing process with less medicine usage and the best possible results for fish health. Working together with FiiZK will guarantee the best product for your staff and livestock.
We supply treatment tarpaulins in various shapes: flat full tarpaulin, square shaped tarp, muffin tarp and conical tarp.

Lice skirt

We offer options of lice skirts to suit the environment you farm in. We know that different locations are unique in the challenges that are faced when rearing salmon. From our clients’ experiences we have developed lice skirts for tough conditions, where we use robust materials that will not fragment: Lice Skirt HD.

The marine environment can also be a hostile environment with poor water quality issues. Low dissolved oxygen is a particular issue for good growth and fish welfare. To overcome these challenges, we offer materials that are beneficial in these conditions to allow maximal water exchange from the surrounding environment into the production area whilst keeping lice out: Flow-through Skirt

Our lice skirt products can be produced as enclosed circles where we can stitch or zip together the skirt ends or as over-lap skirts.