Update on semi-closed cages in Norway and Canada

FiiZK is well underway with the delivery of five semi-closed cages
– the Certus 15000 – to SinkabergHansen AS. The cages will be operational in May 2021 at SinkabegHansen’s site Lismåsøya in Brønnøysund.

The first floating collar was launched this January and assembly will continue.

Launch of the floating collar in January
Video by Christian Hammernes – FiiZK

“This is a large and important order for FiiZK and requires full effort from the entire organization. It takes a lot of planning for this to go as smoothly as possible, but together with skilled suppliers and a solution-oriented customer, I am confident this will go well”

Børge Sneisen,
operative project manager – FiiZK.

Fiizk in Canada

Bjarte Ljøkjell and Svein Tveiten from FiiZK travelled to Canada at the start of October 2020 to commence the first semi-closed cage project. After 14 days in quarantine, it was onto the site located at Tofino where FiiZK staff were located there for just over two months.

The site at Cermaq Canada was under construction with both semi-closed cages and open cages, so there was a lot of activity.

Tugboat, barges, cranes, work boats, divers and crew.
A lot of logistics and coordination had to be in place in addition to the challenges faced by Covid-19.

Together with the customer and subcontractors, we were able to deliver the entire project by the deadline. This gave us time for testing and training so that everyone could feel confident when the first fish arrived. The farmers were keen to get started farming in semi-closed cages!

The weather has been generally good in the time since the semi-closed cage came into operation with the exception of a storm (with hurricane strength) in early November which the cage endured very well!

500,000 smolts are now swimming around in the semi-closed cage in Canada, supplied by FiiZK.

The cage copes with different weather conditions very well, the fish thrive and grow nicely. We continue to monitor and have daily follow-ups on the facility.”

Bjarte Ljøkjell,
Project manager – Fiizk

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Update on semi-closed cages in Norway and Canada

Svein Brudeseth Tveiten