Accurate and efficient reporting for the aquaculture industry

Do you spend a lot of time creating reports that need more data sources?
Is it difficult to connect the data you want to your own biomass? 
Are you struggling to create interactive and good visual reports in PowerBI?

If you answered yes to any of these,
we have created a solution to avoid these frustrations, because an accurate and quick report should not be so difficult to produce.

Valuable time

Creating reports that pull from several sources can be time-consuming and the end result can often seem cluttered and confusing. We know how important it is for the right person to receive the right report at the right time! Our intention is therefore to collect and integrate with all types of data sources and software systems. Everything that is relevant to your biomass,
– gathered in one reporting tool!

The Omnia reporting solution

With automatic data capture and worry-free integrations, we offer visually clear and striking reports, specially adapted for the aquaculture industry.

The tool is easy to use and time-saving. The data you need gathered in one place at all times.

Omnia offers development, maintenance and operation of integrations between your various software systems.

All data we collect in Omnia is structured and put into context in a cloud-based data platform.
The system can in turn connect all collected data to your fish.

Demo of Omnia – reporting tool from FiiZK

Your data your choices – from gut feeling to insight

You can say goodbye to cut and paste from different sources to get a good report and instead welcome to professional, simple and future-oriented data handling!

One of our most important values is “your data, your choices“.
Through Omnia, it is easy to share reports internally and decide what third parties should have access. This makes it easier to use all the data exactly the way you want it.

Some say that the real value lies in how your data can be made visible. We therefore offer independent reports through our standard packages, or customized reports just the way you want them.

Having easily accessible and up-to-date reports at all times, going from gut feeling to insight – will make you and your business even more equipped for a digital future.

Curious about what Omnia can do for you and your business?
The way to use Omnia is easy – feel free to contact us for a demo.

We can also offer a trial period!