Bjarte Ljøkjell, our new competence supplement to FiiZK Closed systems!

In September our new colleague Bjarte Ljøkjell,
started at FiiZK Closed Systems.
He has previously worked for Xylem and Akvafuture, with a background in electrical and automation and also has a broad experience in pump systems, water purification and aquaculture.
Bjarte will use his broad electrical and automation expertise in our project deliveries on closed cages, where the focus going forward is the development of control systems, automation and software solutions.

Getting Bjarte on the team is a great resource for the further development of closed cage technology for FiiZK, and we are proud that he chose to work with us,says Business Director, Einar Vik, in a comment on the employment.

Why did Bjarte join FiiZK?

With an open environment and pleasant colleagues who welcomed me from day one, FiiZK is a company driven by innovation, with a good combination of experience, new ideas and a great desire to develop.

FiiZK Closed Systems has worked for a long time to develop its concept, which also hits the market well and helps to give the industry a new boost, both in Norway and globally. Much of the reason I chose to work for FiiZK lies in the way FiiZK is structured – it goes all the way from concept development to finished product.

Although FiiZK has come a long way in the development of closed cages, fortunately there is still a lot to do and there is still technology that can be developed further as well as new technology that can be put into the concept. I have worked with a number of different concepts in closed cage technology in recent years, and there is no doubt that closed cages solve many of the challenges facing the industry. What mainly began as a tool for
fighting the lice problem also has a whole host of other benefits that make the concept beneficial.

The aquaculture industry in Norway is at the forefront of the world and when you look at the various players in the industry, it is easy to understand why. The desire to innovate is great, both from the breeder and supplier and I have great faith in the industry going forward.

We wish Bjarte the best of welcome to the FiiZK family!

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