Busy days before Christmas!

We currently have a significant amount of orders to be planned, completed and not least delivered for closed systems, technical tarpaulins and digital.

FiiZK Closed Systems recently signed agreements for the delivery of closed cages to the companies Osland Havbruk, Hiddenfjord and Pure Norwegian Seafood.

We have also signed FiiZK Aqua’s first and larger delivery of water purification to Norwegian cod fry producer, Havlandet.

Lice skirts and other tarps have been flying off the shelf and this year we have really built up our international trade -there was a great atmosphere when we passed lice skirt number 1000 earlier this autumn!

This means full production in all our departments, and that is something all of our 135 FiiZK employees like a lot!

Some employee considerations at the end of the year

“The learning curve is steep as a result of the fact that I have already been involved in many different projects, both local (Mowi Kvingo, Nesfossen smolt, Salar Bruk etc.) and elsewhere in the country (Mowi Glomfjord, Grieg Seafood in Erfjord, Sterling White Halibut etc.).
I have also had the opportunity to work with colleagues from FiiZK’s various locations, which I also see as very positive.
There has also been some work in production, so my first two months in FiiZK have been both versatile, educational and positive.”

Ronny Rød-Jensen
Installing Manager in FiiZK

“Producing more than 1000 skirts a year is a great achievement, but we also know that we have reserves that we are constantly working on. In terms of orders and workload, this is a special year, we have never had so much work before.
It has been busy since the summer season – where we usually have quieter periods.
With the pace we have had this year, it is an impressive effort from all employees who also want to spend the mid-Christmas days to produce lice skirts – and the pace continues fully into the new year as it looks now.

With a good Christmas atmosphere, we will roll up our sleeves and ensure FiiZK quality in every single weld, ropes and stitch! “

Krzysztof Oswald
Production Manager, Valsnes

“FiiZK is experiencing a large order increase related to all our product areas. With several signed contracts and service assignments both on closed cages, light control tents and water purification projects, the service department is preparing for a busy winter and a hectic year in 2022, says Service Manager Christian Hammernes.

This means that we will be actively involved in recruiting new employees in the future. It is recommended to contact FiiZK if you are looking for new challenges in an exciting and growing company.

Our closed cage systems involve the assembly and assembly of many large components, large operations with several players in turn at the same time. There is also a good deal of technical equipment that requires some expertise, and provides exciting opportunities for further development of fish production at sea.

This year we have, among other things, delivered five semi-closed cages, Certus 15000, to SinkabergHansen. These cages are now in operation with a total of one million fish!
At the same time, we are now working on preparing their sixth cage for operation.

Work is now underway on full production of a total of four semi-closed cages in the Faroe Islands, which will be delivered to Hiddenfjord early next year. At the same time, there are several projects that are in full swing with planning around Norway, starting as early as next year.

It is incredibly exciting to be part of the development of what will be a new era in the aquaculture industry and I look forward to the continuation.”

Christian Hammernes
Service Manager in FiiZK

Growing interest in our products

The recognition of the FiiZK brand has grown hugely over this last year in all departments, but the largest interest has been in our digital product portfolio and FiiZK’s reporting tool Omnia.

From late autumn we made a strategic organisational change to increase our development capacity and better handle acquisitions and integration of complementary companies. This will have a positive effect both internally and for customers, where we aim to have everything streamlined as we enter the new year.

The main aim of the change is to focus on development and delivery by concentrating this under one management group. Our customers will notice this through increased pace in production and increased power in development work.

FiiZK’s development work is the cornerstone of our business, and we are continuing in many development projects with our customers and partners. The depth and breadth of our employees’ competence is a key premise for us to succeed in the development race in parallel with deliveries.

Ensuring close integration between all disciplines and products is central to development within our organisation. This integration is a prerequisite for us in the future to achieve the goal of delivering an autonomous system to our customers.

Feel free to read a little about our products on the website and feel free to take
contact one of our employees for a meeting or more information about our products and services.

FiiZK aims to deliver autonomous systems to the aquaculture industry

We wish all our customers and partners good luck over the last few days of 2021 and a very Merry Christmas!