Closed Cage from FiiZK to Sinkaberg

SinkabergHansen have chosen closed Cage from FiiZK.

SinkabergHansen have chosen FiiZK as their supplier for starting their production of smolt in closed cages at Mulingen in Bindal. The cage is the same model that FiiZK (former Botngaard) has previously delivered to Cermaq Norway.

CEO at SinkabergHansen, Svein-Gustav Sinkaberg

–  At Mulingen, we are going to produce smolt from 100 grams and up to 1.5 kilos in closed cages, before it is moved to open cages for further growth before being harvested, says CEO Svein-Gustav Sinkaberg.

The closed cage is product certified for Hs 2.0 and has a production volume of 10,000 cubic meters. It has a specially designed rigid float collar in steel pipes that ensures proper buoyancy in the facility. It works as a safe and good working platform for the operators.

SinkabergHansen is starting their production of smolt using a closed cage from FiiZK that holds 10.000 m3.

A powerful industrial PVC tarp closes the production volume and from four independent seawater inlets it collects large amounts of water from under the lice belt that transfers into the cage.

The cage environment is continuously monitored and documented by a network of sensors, and oxygen is automatically added if needed. Control systems ensures automatic operation of the cage, monitoring of operating components and an alarm in case of nonconformity.

Important for FiiZK
– The deal with SinkabergHansen is important to us. We now have the opportunity to develop our already good concept for closed cages further, says Magnus Stendal at FiiZK.

Magnus Stendal at FiiZK

The results from the Cermaq installation, and other installations, show that the fish grow faster and appear strong and robust when transferred to open cages.

-This is profitable environmental technology, which we believe will occupy a significant position in the aquaculture market in the years to come, Stendal concludes.