FiiZK Digital’s latest Horizon customer

American Aquafarms chose FiiZK Digital’s Horizon software to meet their requirements for biological planning, specifically Horizon Planner Land.

Teodor Strand-Johansen (Marketing Director) t.t.l. & Fredrik Friis (Production Manager) t.t.r. Photo: Riseth Media

American Aquafarms are in the process of establishing a hatchery,
fish farm and processing plant in Gouldsboro, Maine.

In the first phase, the company has a goal of producing 30,000 tonnes of salmon, where the growth phase will take place in closed systems at sea.
American Aquafarms needed a good tool that could help them design the best possible production plan given the company’s opportunities and limitations.

Initially, access to the Horizon Planner tool was purchased during a project period to lay out a clear plan for how they would achieve their production goals.

It did not take long before this plan was in place. During the project period, they saw the value of having access to a good tool for planning permanently,
which resulted in the permanent acquisition of Horizon Planner Land.

Fredrik Friis, Production Manager American Aquafarms. Photo: Riseth Media

”Horizon Planner Land is an extension of the original Planner and has greater choice in parameters that can be included in your biological plan. This is a response to the increasingly more complex production phases that takes place on land and at sea, especially with regards to the introduction of closed systems at sea, which is American Aquafarms chosen strategy.
Our customers, therefore, get a software tool that covers the planning needs from egg to harvest in a complex production run.”

Odd Vetle Haarsaker – Sales Manager FiiZK Digital

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