Fish welfare is at the core of FiiZK’s product development

Fish health and welfare is a key factor driving our development process for products and services at FiiZK. In November 2020, we increased our commitment to fish health by employing a Marine Scientist and former Fish Health and Welfare Manager for the Scottish Salmon Industry. Not only to build our client relationships in the UK and Ireland, but to provide valuable academic and industry competence for product R&D.

Ashleigh’s most recent position as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of the West of Scotland investigated an emerging health challenge within the Scottish Salmon Industry using haematological analysis and blood biochemistry. We are looking forward to seeing the upcoming publications from her work!

Her scientific background comes in handy when our technical teams assess our production systems, such as the Semi-Closed Cages, to review all facets that interact with fish health.

FiiZK are a collaborating partner on the CtrlAqua project ( who are researching technological and biological innovations for closed systems.

Ashleigh has been reviewing and collating the research outputs to evaluate results from Atlantic salmon production cycles carried out in Semi-Closed cages. This includes technology and environment, fish production and welfare, and preventative fish health.

The data is imperative for us to know how our systems measure up to criteria detailed in documents such as the UK RSPCA welfare standards. This type of work is critical for FiiZK to optimize our products, putting fish welfare at the core of our development decisions.

Ashleigh’s industry experience as a Fish Health and Welfare Manager for Scottish Sea Farms Ltd, also allows her to understand FiiZK’s product portfolio from an operational perspective.

At FiiZK we recognise the importance of speaking with farmers to design and tailor products and services to specifications that are functionally beneficial. We want to work alongside farmers to solve growth challenges and deliver results!

Ashleigh Currie to the right (Private photo).

What is your focus for Fish Health R&D at FiiZK?

“As a marine scientist and advocate of aquaculture and specifically salmon farming, I am happy to work with such a diverse team of skilled people that can help the salmon industry overcome some of the most pressing biological challenges.”

“I think that working together with farmers, we can drive innovation that is not only practical but really does what it promotes – solves growth challenges.”

“We are now at a critical point where production bottlenecks have been apparent in the sector due to a number of factors. With the right focus and a proactive approach we can use existing resources, such as the wealth of data collected by industry, that could be instrumental in data and digital innovation to stay ahead of the game.”

“I’m looking forward to getting back on-site once Covid-19 restrictions are lifted to work with industry partners and establish exciting new projects such as the introduction of our Semi-Closed Cage technology in the Scottish and Irish markets.”