Freshwater Depot – be in control of your water supply

Getting freshwater for planned or emergency treatments can be challenging. Wellboats may have to travel long distances to fill their wells which is time-consuming and expensive. With a Freshwater Depot, you can quickly earn investment by reducing wellboat time and getting greater flexibility and quick access to freshwater.

Advantages of a Freshwater Depot:

User-friendly supply

With your own freshwater supply, you reduce wellboat costs and the depot can be used for storage instantly. This provides self-sufficient and efficient operation. FiiZK’s Freshwater Depot is a sensible choice and easy to maintain.

The depot can be designed for your specific location and requirements.

Ferskvannsbasseng fra FiiKZ

FiiZK’s Freshwater Depot

Products from FiiZK are designed for farmers. We listen to our customers to develop products that are durable, easy to install and operate.

Our team will help you find solutions that are suitable for your location

We use materials that have been carefully selected to comply with our sustainability goals, quality and longevity. We recommend maintaining your FiiZK product as detailed in our manual, resulting in our products lasting several years. Our products can be repaired if necessary, which also extends the life of the product.

FiiZK’s technical textiles are more sustainable and a smart choice!

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