Gain back control of challenging conditions

Technical Tarpaulins

We have improved our existing products and developed new solutions in freshwater storage and lice skirts. The strong relationship with our customers enables us to carry out development projects to ensure you are provided the best and most sustainable products that have been thoroughly tested in challenging conditions.

Fresh water depot

The freshwater depot is redesigned to produce a more robust solution for storing freshwater that can hold between 3,000 – 12,000 m3, with patented features, this depot can be mounted on existing cages.

Lice Skirt

We currently produce two types of skirts: Lice skirt HD and Flow-through lice skirt and have been designed based on our customer’s requests and experience. Lice skirts can be tailored to customer requirements based on site conditions, cage specifics and operations. 

Water filtration

FiiZK provide water solutions for the treatment of AGD and sea lice. Our Nanofiltration systems modify sea water by reducing salinity and altering its composition to produce desalinated water that significantly reduces amoeba and sea lice. Nanofiltration is currently used in Norway, Ireland and Scotland, providing the farmers a key tool to fight parasites that impact salmon growth and health.

Bath treatment with desalinated water
Fish in “ion-modified” water