Increased FiiZK presence in Scotland & Ireland

This month we have welcomed our latest colleague in FiiZK Ltd.

Please say hello to Michael Ó Ceallacháin, our Technical Manager for FiiZK Ltd in Scotland and Ireland.

Michael is based in Ireland and has a solid experience in the Aquaculture Industry. His experience started on the family fish farm Muir Gheal Teo, while the company was in transtition to more modern farming methods with innovation at the forefront.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Energy and Environmental Engineering. After his degree, Michael worked within microprocessor manufacturing, before returning to aquaculture working with FiiZK Aqua products/desalination operations with one of our Irish clients.

“I believe the package of products that FiiZK can offer fish farmers shows what innovation there is in the industry.

With experience of these products first hand I was excited to be able to help FiiZK get these into the hands of the Fish farmers that need them.

The solutions are now here for so many of todays headline issues farmers face.”

Michael Ó Ceallacháin – Technical Manager

Busy first weeks

Michael started his work at FiiZK by visiting our operations in Norway, including our tarp production sites where lice skirts and other aquaculture tarpaulins are produced. He has been introduced to the FiiZK software solutions as well as visited operational semi-closed cages and sites were semi-closed cages under construction for clients.

Currently he is visiting semi-closed cage operations in the Faroe Islands to gain more experience in the field before introducing the technology to the Scottish and Irish markets. Michael will project manage installations of semi-closed containment and water filtration plants. He is also available to discuss requirements for tarpaulin products.

Please do not hesitate to contact Michael to discuss any of the FiiZK products.