New materials in top and bottom tarpaulin with extra strong rip-stop gives a skirt that has great strength and is extremely competitive on price. All FiiZK lice skirts are tailor made for each location. By identifying our customers’ needs, factors such as cage size, durability and design will be emphasized. This is how we can deliver a product that makes the job of the breeders as simple as possible.

– Better cost / benefit – better economy
– Competitive prices – delivered to you
– Short delivery time
– Proven solutions
– Great durability
– Slimmer design
– Superior flow properties
– Stands better in the sea

Our customers say:
“The skirts are easy to install, we experience minimal wear and tear on them and have received feedback from the service station that
the skirts feel solid. ”
Ellingsen Seafood

«FiiZK stands for quality, product follow-up, product development. FiiZK’s skirts does the job. ”
Blom Fish farming

Lice skirt to restrict handling of fish.
Uplifting, pressing, pumping and handling are a strain on the fish and you often see fish damage and increased mortality. The fish has it the best when it is in the cage, and a lice skirt is a natural tool to achieve this.

Starvation and poorer growth
With repeated treatments, the number of days of hunger goes up. This results in poorer growth and lower harvest weight. Lice skirts limit the number of days of hunger and provide better economy when harvested.

Handling and mortality
The number of dead fish has gone down, but the average size of the dead fish has increased. Statistics show that increased mortality of large fish is due to handling in connection with lice control. It must be a goal for breeders to handle the fish as little as possible.

The use of lice skirts offers advantages:
– 50-80% less lice load
– Fewer delays
– Less use of chemicals
– Less handling of the fish
– Reduced need for cleaning fish

FiiZK 360
Contact us today for the return of discarded lice skirts

– Design of skirts; built up for recycling
– 100% material recovery; not incineration or landfill
– All recycling takes place in Norway
– Good deals on shipping and logistics

New O2 technology during testing
In Q3 we tested new oxygen extractors for use with lice skirts and in closed cages. These provide so-called UltraFine Bubbles (UFB) that are so small that they do not have buoyancy. This results in better water dissolution and reduced oxygen consumption. The technology has been used in the aquaculture industry in Canada with good results. We finish testing and documentation in Q4. Watch!

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