Lice Skirts and Delousing Tarpaulins – the season is underway

Lice skirts and delousing tarpaulins are an effective solution to include in your company’s sea lice management strategy. When used correctly, the products work very well for prevention and treatment with fish welfare, the environment and functionality driving our design process.

Lice Skirt

As the world’s largest manufacturer of lice skirts, our two main products: Lice Skirt HD and the Flow-through Skirt have been developed over many years. The materials in the production have been chosen carefully to ensure optimal functionality, durability, recyclability and cost efficiency.

Why choose a Lice Skirt?

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Delousing Tarpaulin

Through the project “Cloth-based de-lice”, FiiZK together with fish farmers, suppliers and R&D institutions such as Sintef Fiskeri & Havbruk, have focused on implementing the delousing process with less medicine usage and the best possible result for fish, farmers and the environment. The traditional fabric is delivered as a flat tarpaulin, but tailoring is an important part of these products to adapt the design for specific treatment volumes or other adjustments that contribute to easier assembly, environmental considerations amongst others.

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Get a little better acquainted with our Business Development Manager and FiiZK Ltd as a supplier

Ashleigh Currie, Business Development Manager & Fish Health for UK & Ireland:

Ashleigh Currie – FiiZK Ltd

What can customers expect from FiiZK as a supplier?

FiiZK are driven by finding solutions for farmers to make rearing salmonids less challenging in a complex and dynamic marine environment. We have close communication with our customers before, during and after the development and sales process. We have standard products that can always be adapted to fit the farmers requirements more closely – I think that’s the benefit of having multiple factories with a large manufacturing and development capability. Our engineers and technical designers are always on hand to provide the best advice when needed.

Why should customers choose FiiZK as a supplier?

Development is highly valued by us and with visits to many different locations and facilities that have very different challenges, we have a unique knowledge of how different solutions work or how we can adapt the different products and services to fit. This results in solving the challenges our customers face at all times. Our knowledge and experience benefit our customers and that’s one of the main reasons FiiZK is a leading supplier. FiiZK are about rapid innovation to keep up with such a fast-paced industry.

What makes the industry exciting for you?

Aquaculture is the fastest growing area of food production and as a result, there is huge potential for improvements through sharing best practices. The reputation of aquaculture has received some negative press due to certain poor practices, but over the past 40 years or so, the industry has adopted significantly better ones and continues to do so through strict regulations, technological innovation and prioritising fish health R&D. This is a true testament to the sector’s determination to become a sustainable industry, to reduce pressure on wild capture fisheries and provide vital jobs to people living in rural areas on a global scale.

What is the advantage of a group as large as FiiZK?

After NWP merged with FiiZK, a lot of complimentary expertise was gathered around the same table. The companies were particularly focused on their respective fields and had some things that were completely unique to the market. This merger has streamlined our products, services and knowledge and I am confident that our portfolio will grow with the success of this company.

What can we do for your company?

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