New Business Unit Director to FiiZK Digital!

Håkon Skjelten is originally from Sunnmøre at the west coast of Norway, but has lived in Trondheim since 1999 due to studies. After completing his studies in technical cyber technology, the newly educated engineer started as an entrepreneur in the company Aptomar, together with two fellow students.

In addition to a long career in the oil industry, he also has experience from factory, production and entrepreneurship in the electrical industry.

On his spare time Håkon is interested in hunting, house renovation and being a dad. He is above average interested in everything with an engine, such as motorcycle and boats, as a fact he is also an avid pilot of a small private plane as well!

Håkon Skjelten – Business Unit Director FiiZK Digital

This is what Håkon says about FiiZK

FiiZK Digital appears to me as a company today that is in the right place at the right time. We have employees with both extensive domain knowledge and good technical knowledge, at the same time as we have a good product portfolio and a well-established customer base.
Together with the other parts of the FiiZK Group, everything is in place for FiiZK to be a success in the years to come.

We wish you the best of welcome to FiiZK, Håkon!

New Business Unit Director to FiiZK Digital!