New milestone for our investment in technology for closed cages!

SinkabergHansen is investing in another five closed cages from FiiZK.
As our largest single order to date, this is a milestone for our closed cage technology.

-This is also of great importance to the industry in general, as we can now document experiences from the large-scale operation of closed cages in one locality.

The permit associated with this investment is 827 tonnes and in category C; “Dark green”. This entails obligations related to technological solutions and operational conditions.

Believes in prevention!
– A main point is the prevention of lice, and it is an alignment of operations that SinkabergHansen in general and independent of the green permit has great faith in. We have long invested in and developed various projects. This is a good way to grow and increase production,
says Svein-Gustav Sinkaberg.

The cages
The closed cages are certified for Hs 2.5, and have a production volume of 15,000 cubic meters. Floating collars in steel pipes ensure proper buoyancy in the construction, and function as a safe and good work platform for the operators.

A powerful PVC bag, produced in Norway at our factory at Lundamo, closes the production volume, and four independent seawater intakes fetch copious amounts of water from under the lice belt and power it inside the cage.

The cage environment is continuously monitored and documented by a sensor network, and oxygen is added automatically when needed. The control and steering system ensures automatic operation of the cage, monitoring of operating components, and alerting in the event of deviations.

– As a supplier, we are very proud and happy that SinkabergHansen continues the collaboration by equipping an entire site with closed cages, says Magnus Stendal in FiiZK. They will now get 75,000 cubic meters of protected and lice-free production volume at sea, with a constantly good current picture, favorable temperatures and stable high O2 levels. This provides excellent conditions for good growth and fish welfare.

The picture shows the already delivered closed cage from FiiZK:

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