New year, more possibilities

A new year brings new opportunities and for us at FiiZK it has meant a huge new opportunity. From 4th January 2021 we have increased our number of employees as a result of a merger with NWP.
This means that our customers and partners gain more product knowledge, greater production flexibility and increased expertise of all the technical textiles we produce and develop. FiiZK and NWP have together for 40 years produced and developed textile products for aquaculture, industry, offshore and agriculture.

Together with NWP we are now strengthening our products, especially in aquaculture, where challenges with local adaptation are important. Lice skirts are one of the few non-mechanical/ non-chemical methods for lice control that still gives clear positive results.

Since the development of our latest lice skirt, customer feedback has shown that this design is efficient in the sea with a floating element of 150x60mm sewn into pockets and not least the ripstop fabric that makes FiiZK’s lice skirts the strongest on the market whilst ensuring waterflow.

NWP has developed its unique flow-through skirt, which is the preferred option for locations that have sub-optimal oxygen concentrations in and around the cage.

Our goal is to offer fully customised tarpaulin products according to quantity, location as well as material and choice of design. With all these possibilities we are confident that the lice skirt of the future with combined flow-through technology and resilient material – both of which are two key factors – will lead to good results and less lice.

We can also provide you with solutions for landfilling fresh water in closed tarps that are used at several facilities in Norway today.

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