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Norwegian fish farmer SinkabergHansen equips full site with closed cages from FiiZK

Photo: SinkabergHansen

FiiZK delivers 5 Certus 15000 closed cages to a SinkabergHansen site in Nordland County. In May 2021, an 1.5 million smolt input of 120g each will habitate the closed cages until they reach 2 kg in December. Then the fish will be transferred to open pens for growth until slaughter.

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Cermaq Canada – closed cage from FiiZK goes international

The installation of a Certus 15 000 closed cage to Cermaq Canada is well under way. Operations start in November  2020.

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We are now contributing to customer projects both in the Faroe Islands as well as in Scotland. Certus cages from FiiZK  have gone international!

Third input in Certus 10 000, Cermaq Horsvågen

Cermaq last week stocked 400,000 smolt in Certus 10 000 closed cage at the location Horsvågen in Nordland. This is the third generation post smolt in the cage.

New for this year  is improved technology for O2 insertion in the closed cage. O2 will be inserted directly into the intake water

Here you can read more about the first two postponements (Norwegian article)

Photo: Cermaq

Closed harvesting cage,
Certus harvest, in operation

Photo: Eivind B. Engstad – Salmosea

In July 2020, Norwegian fish farmer Salmosea started operating Certus Harvest from FiiZK. The cage has regulatory disinfection of wastewater. The closed waiting cage has been in operation through the summer with up to 650 tonnes of harvest ready salmon. FiiZK is now cooperating with three different slaughteries around delivery of Certus Harvest.


O2 generator and emergency power integrated in the Certus concept

Certus comes complete with integrated platforms and houses for O2 generator, technical room and emergency power generator. Connect to the main power supply and network cable and you’re ready to operate.

Regulatory purification of inlet water

FiiZK delivered the first cage with regulatory wastewater treatment back in 2015. The system has been in continuous operation ever since. We have used knowledge and experience from this installation to design seawater intake with the proper purification.

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