Optimal utilization of production capacity in land-based farming

For many years, the production of fish on land has been limited to the production of smolts. Production has taken place in relatively small sites and focussed on growing from egg to smolt of up to approx. 200 g.

Challenges such as salmon lice, escapes and disease have led farmers to focus on reducing the sea phase in production to as short as possible. This has resulted in increased interest and large investments in the land-based production phase. Land-based farming should have the capacity to produce large smolt, or the full life-cycle from egg to harvest.

With a focus on user-friendly setup, we have created a tool that will make the planning job easier and more flexible. In this way, all capacity is utilized to produce as much fish as possible.

What does this Planner look like?

Take a look at the video lecture below, if you want to have a closer look at what Horizon Planner Land can deliver and solve for your operation.

See lecture on Horizon Planner by Knut Solbakken below

Challenges related to production planning of fish on land.
What can Horizon Planner Land solve?

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