Planning tool adapted to land-based farming!

For many years, the production of fish on land has limited itself to the production of smolt, in relatively simple production facilities and departments.

Challenges such as sea lice, escapes and disease have led to a greater focus on making the sea phase in the production as short as possible.
This has resulted in increased interest and large investments in land-based production facilities that will have the capacity to produce large smolt, or facilities that take the entire production onshore.

New requirements = New functionality

Billion-dollar investments and more complex onshore facilities brings a demand for better planning tools that addresses the complexity of producing on land.

FiiZK have done something about this, and in Q4 we have completed an expansion of our Horizon product portfolio with focus on biological planning on land.

We have created a tool to make the planning job easier and more flexible, enabling all capacity at the plant to produce as much fish as possible.

One of the highlights of Horizon Planner land is that you can plan at tank-level and group level in one plan.
For example, during starting feeding, you may not be so keen to see what happens at the tank level, especially if you have 40+ tanks.
Then it`s more expediently to plan at batch level. When these batches come out in the growing department, you need more detailed sorting plans and follow-up of density on each individual tank.
The flexibility and ease to use set-up of Horizon Planner Land makes this possible.

There are many more properties this planning module can refer to, e.g. plan/real-reporting, alerts on several parameters such as density, feed consumption, etc. Planning of the use of water, ozone and oxygen etc.

What does this planner look like?

We are happy to show you a demo of the product, in addition to the other Horizon modules that are tightly integrated with each other. 

What do you get with FiiZK?

FiiZK Digital is an independent software company, with more than 20 years of experience in software development aimed at the aquaculture industry.
We have the right focus and experience of tailoring our products, which means a unique opportunity for our customers to customize the software to the desired way of working.


You can also take advantage of our knowledge and powerful software tools. Through FiiZK Analytics, we offer a variety of production analysis and consulting services.