Protective barriers against sea lice are still a top choice

Lice skirts are the most frequently used method to reduce lice infestations typically in conjunction with other methods.

In recent years, we have seen that:

The past year has given us considerable new experience through testing different ideas and designs. Product testing at various locations has led to new and better solutions. This in turn has resulted in better daily operations for the farmer and the handling of lice skirts around cages. The biggest focus for us and everyone in the farming industry is to ensure better fish health, which is the main reason for the development and improvement of already well-known methods – also for lice skirts.

So what does this mean for you?

With various challenges and a constant search for optimizing operations, through our knowledge and experience you get good tools to find the right solution for your location. Our knowledge of material selection and various components, together with the farmers expertise, ensures a successful product.

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Bertil Storvik and Svein B. Tveiten out product testing (Norway).