The 1st of March, FiiZK Digital got a new colleague on board and we are curious to know how this has been like, due to social distancing and home office for most of us. We had a chat with our new developer, Ruben Lukes, who will be working on the interface and further development of the FiiZK Ctrl app.

You started to work with us on March 1st, and we are curious to know how you were welcomed at FiiZK Digital and what its been like to be a new member of the team, and then have to practice social distancing?

I was great welcomed by the employees of FiiZK on the first day, and received a good presentation of the company and about the product that I will work with. A good part went to meetings and to get to know the system. There was a review of the technical choices that are made and I got great help from my new colleagues to get started. Because of the virus outbreak, it was not the startup I had hoped for, but we established good meeting routines and have daily meetings at Teams, so we can keep each other up to date on what we are working on and get help if needed . Keeping our shoulders low for calling each other if we have questions has also worked very well, since I have many good colleagues who are always available when I need them.

Ruben Lukes – Utvikler FiiZK Digital

How is it to be working on system development for the aquaculture industry?

It is a big domain field to get into. From a technological perspective, I see that it is important to understand some biology. From experience, it takes longer to develop something entirely new and exciting tasks are always to be solved.

Why did you want to work at FiiZK, and what engages/inspires you as a developer?

I have worked as a developer in the aquaculture industry in the past and have helped create different systems for fish farming and still wanted to work as a developer in fish farming for a company dedicated to creating new solutions based on modern technology. It was a nice environment to step into, with nice talented people working here, and many challenging tasks. What inspires me is technology, I am genuinely interested in the different technologies we use in FiiZK and are motivated by the good community at work.

A big thank you to Ruben for wanting to share his experience as a new employee with us and we are so happy to have him on our team, wishing him the best of welcome once again to FiiZK!

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