The smolt stock of Autumn 2019 had a great start in the sea in closed cages:
 – Plenty of lice-free intake water
 – Constant current water flow
 – Stable high O2 level
 – Good temperatures

 The smolt stock of Spring 2019, which has been in closed cage through Spring and Summer, has now moved on to open cages for post-harvest growth. So far, the fish in the top of Norway is performing.

New contract: Closed waiting cage for Salmosea
Salmosea and FiiZK have signed an agreement on the delivery of a closed waiting cage to Salmosea’s slaughterhouse in Rørvik. It will be able to hold up to 700 tonnes of salmon for sanitary slaughter (lice, PD, ILA).

Certus 10,000 to SinkabergHansen
The construction of the Certus 10,000 closed cage for SinkabergHansen is well underway, and in route to start-up in April 2020. Improvements: New platform solution, non-slip plastic grating, new seawater intake, easier cabling.

Seawater intake with flexible intake depth
The seawater intake with flexible intake depth, which was developed and tested in collaboration with Bolaks Spring19, is now dimensioned for Certus 10,000 and Certus 15,000. With this, breeders can control the temperature in closed cages – higher temperatures in winter, lower temperatures in the Summer.

New O2 technology during testing
In Q3, we tested new oxygen redeems in closed cages. These provide so-called Ultra Fine Bubbles (UFB) that are so small that they do not have buoyancy. This results in better water dissolution and reduced oxygen consumption. The technology has been used in the aquaculture industry in Canada with good results. We finish testing and documentation in Q4. Watch!

Shorter delivery time on closed cage
With our partners, we have further streamlined the supply chain in 2019, and reduced the delivery time by 1/3.

New closed cage production planning tool
With Horizon Optimizer, we – together with breeders – can now run production simulations from smolt exposure to slaughter. With this tool we find the best strategy for using closed cages for each breeder. Increased MTB utilization – higher production.

Read more about our Horizon Optimizer here:

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