Ultrafiltration: seawater disinfection for fish pathogens – it’s all in the science!

Our talented team have recently been involved in a lab study to test how good ultrafiltration (UF) membranes are to remove water borne viruses and bacteria.

Margit Jakobsen, Morten Kojen and Kine Marhaug worked alongside researchers at Nofima.

In December their publication was released in Frontiers in Marine Science:

Evaluation of an ultrafiltration membrane for the removal of fish viruses and bacteria in aquaculture water’, in Frontiers in Marine Science.

Under laboratory conditions, seawater was spiked with two benchmark waterborne fish pathogens:

The interesting part for aquaculture enthusiasts is the results from the analysis carried out on the permeate i.e., the pathogen spiked seawater that was pushed through the UF membranes. Researchers found that the ultrafiltration membranes eliminated both IPNV and A. salmonicida 100% from the seawater, showing that membrane filtration systems can work very well to disinfect and improve water quality.

Currently our ultrafiltration systems are used as a support of ultraviolet (UV) irridation that is commonly used in hatcheries, but this recent article highlights the potential of a stand-alone UF unit.

Morten Kojen & Vasco C. Mota
Margit E. Jakobsen & Vasco C. Mota

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