We strengthen our expertise in fish health and closed cages!

Anders Næss

Project manager development closed systems

Anders holds an M.Sc. in Aquaculture from NTNU/SINTEF. He has extensive experience with product development in aquaculture and started Akvafuture AS, formerly now known as Akvadesign AS. During his time at Akvafuture, Anders was at the forefront of the development of closed cage technology and commissioned several closed facilities. Anders made the decision to withdraw from Akvafuture AS due to the company moving to salmon production and less involved in development. FiiZK are thrilled that we will inherit his expertise on future development of closed facilities. Anders will be responsible for the development projects for closed cages.

“Fiizk is skilled and forward-thinking in its development of solutions. For me, it is exciting to be able to contribute to further technology development together with many good colleagues. It has also triggered extra that the company aims to develop autonomous cages. At the same time, we see a broad political will to establish criteria and framework conditions for the aquaculture industry. This contributes positively to the investment in closed systems.”

Anders Næss – Project development leader closed systems

Kine Marhaug

Fish health

Kine graduated as a veterinarian from NMBU Veterinary College in 2015. For the past four years, she has worked with fish health and welfare at the Norwegian Food Safety Authority in Finnmark. She has gained a broad experience from many areas of the industry and we are looking forward to Kine joining the FiiZK team! Kine will begin her position with us 1st of October.

“I have great faith that FiiZK, with an investment in closed systems, will be able to give a significant boost to fish health and welfare. I look forward to helping to create as robust, fresh and happy a fish as possible!”

Kine Marhaug – Fish health