The new technology, IoT – a topic that is current even today

Rune Volden
CTO Integrator
FiiZK Digital

The aquaculture industry is unfortunately at its point to do the same mistakes that is done in the maritime industry when it comes to integrate different kind of systems. They can not take their decisions based on their gut feeling, but they have to do it based on actual facts. The stream of facts will now become a part of the aquaculture industry, through what we call The Internet of Things (IoT). Will the aquaculture industry be able to use the IoT to their advantage, or will it become just another device to be able to manage? Read more in the article written by Rune Volden – CTO Integrator in FiiZK.

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The Internet of Things gets different kind of devices to interact with each other in real time. PHOTO: HEINE SCHJØLBERG

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