What’s new in Closed Cages?

Our year has started off with a bang! The acquisition of Ecomerden, a major producer of semi-closed containment, into the FiiZK group has strengthened our expertise in closed systems through the integration of both companies’ engineers, project managers and scientists. This is a major milestone at a company level but also for our current and future clients and we look forward to the Ecomerden team fully integrating into the FiiZK organisation

Merging technologies

FiiZK is committed to supplying the best closed containment technology for salmonid production at the best prices. Our objective is to integrate the strengths from each of the systems, Certus and the EcoCage, to develop an enclosure that is even more robust and dynamic.

Focusing on fish health

FiiZK’s fish health team has also expanded in the last 5 months with the start of our Fish Health Manager, Kine Rivers Marhaug, and Biotechnologist, Margit Jakobsen. These additions to our existing health team are key in the monitoring and development of our closed systems. We are currently working with our salmon farming partners to generate further essential background data in fish welfare and water chemistry by following the fish through to 2kg.

Fish health manager Kine Marhaug taking samples
Fish health manager Kine Marhaug taking blood samples

Semi-closed containment in Scotland

Congratulations to Loch Long Salmon for their recent achievement in being granted a CAR licence from SEPA to deploy 5 enclosures with a biomass limit of 3,452 tonnes at Beinn Reithe near Arrochar. LLS have put in a tremendous amount of effort to get to this stage and we commend their efforts and are proud to be shortlisted as a supplier and partner for the supply of the SCCS.