At FiiZK we realize that these are challenging times for our clients.   Still we are happy to announce that FiiZK after two weeks of Covid- 19 regulations, deliver as normal in all business areas

This is a result of us executing the necessary internal and external measures in order to maintain production at our factories, digital departments and customer service. Measures include physical separation of shifts at the factories, granting home office for the office staff, and close to no travel and physical meeting activity.  Close dialogue with suppliers and logistic providers ensures us deliveries as agreed.

Individual projects may nevertheless be affected in the short term by public regulations, altered customer routines or delayed logistics. Should you be affected, we will take immediate contact. You can rest assured that we will provide close follow up on your affected orders.

Luckily no employees nor their closest family have been reported as infected by Covid-19 at this time.

Yesterday the Norwegian government decided to prolong imposed regulations until after Easter. Our consideration is that we will continue to handle business as usual also in this period.  Our focus the next weeks, is to take care of the staff and their families while maintaining operations product development and production. This is the best way forward to ensure in-house production capacity and professional skills also after this extreme situation has settled.

Please do not hesitate to make contact should you have any questions or need of assistance at this point.

By this we wish all business partners all the best enduring the current situation, and that you all stay safe and in good health.