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Bjarte Ljøkjell, our new competence supplement to FiiZK Closed systems!

FiiZK Closed Systems

New milestone for our investment in technology for closed cages!

FiiZK Closed Systems

Closed cage to take shape in Canada!

FiiZK Closed Systems AS

After two years of operation, how has the closed cage experience been?

FiiZK Closed Systems

Welcome to new colleagues!

News from FiiZK

New Colleagues to FiiZK Digital!

FiiZK Digital Ranheim

Huge interest for Closed cages from FiiZK!

FiiZK Closed Systems

New colleague to FiiZK Digital – Ålesund Office!

FiiZK Digital – Ålesund

New sales contact to FiiZK Technical Tarpaulins!

FiiZK Technical Tarpaulins

Say hello to our new colleague, Ruben Lukes!

FiiZK Digital – Ranheim

Installation of closed waiting cage in progress this Easter!

FiiZK Closed Systems – Closed waiting cage to Salmosea

The best of welcome to our new colleague Nicolas!

FiiZK Technical Tarpaulins – Sales

Will your FiiZK orders be affected?


Christian Hammernes has signed with FiiZK Digital!

New colleague to FiiZK Digital this summer

Say hello to our new Colleague!

FiiZK Digital

New colleagues to FiiZK Digital!

FiiZK Digital Ranheim

FiiZK takes the Marine Environment seriously!

FiiZK Energy & Environment

FiiZK starts the year with welcoming two new colleagues at Ranheim!

FiiZK Digital Ranheim

New employee at FiiZK Digital!

FiiZK Digital Ranheim

Lice skirt from FiiZK

Tailor-made, great durability and extremely competitive on price!

The most advanced closed waiting cage provided

Originally published at Dec. 2, 2019.

The Autumn smolt thrives in a closed cage!

The result is good fish welfare and faster growth – an advantage the fish take with them all the way to slaughter.

New solutions from FiiZK! Land-based, roof and constructions.

FiiZK Land Based – Closed Systems

New Employee at FiiZK!

FiiZK Digital Ranheim

Winter Ready?

FiiZK Technical Tarpaulins

New employee at FiiZK!

FiiZK Digital Ranheim


By Robert Hansen – Project Manager in FiiZK

What will The Internet of Things mean for the Aquaculture Industry? Article by Rune Volden, CTO Integrator – FiiZK Digital

The article is in Norwegian and is originally published at – 2018

New colleague at FiiZK Digital Ranheim!

FiiZK Ctrl

Opinions by Magnus Stendal – how to release the potential of closed cages.

Article from – September 4, 2019

Closed Cage from FiiZK to Sinkaberg

SinkabergHansen have chosen closed Cage from FiiZK.

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