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Say hello to our new Colleague!

FiiZK Digital

New colleagues to FiiZK Digital!

FiiZK Digital Ranheim

FiiZK takes the Marine Environment seriously!

FiiZK Energy & Environment

FiiZK starts the year with welcoming two new colleagues at Ranheim!

FiiZK Digital Ranheim

New employee at FiiZK Digital!

FiiZK Digital Ranheim

Lice skirt from FiiZK

Tailor-made, great durability and extremely competitive on price!

The most advanced closed waiting cage provided

Originally published at Dec. 2, 2019.

The Autumn smolt thrives in a closed cage!

The result is good fish welfare and faster growth – an advantage the fish take with them all the way to slaughter.

New solutions from FiiZK! Land-based, roof and constructions.

FiiZK Land Based – Closed Systems

New Employee at FiiZK!

FiiZK Digital Ranheim

Winter Ready?

FiiZK Technical Tarpaulins

New employee at FiiZK!

FiiZK Digital Ranheim


By Robert Hansen – Project Manager in FiiZK

What will The Internet of Things mean for the Aquaculture Industry? Article by Rune Volden, CTO Integrator – FiiZK Digital

The article is in Norwegian and is originally published at – 2018

New colleague at FiiZK Digital Ranheim!

FiiZK Ctrl

Opinions by Magnus Stendal – how to release the potential of closed cages.

Article from – September 4, 2019

Closed Cage from FiiZK to Sinkaberg

SinkabergHansen have chosen closed Cage from FiiZK.

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