FiiZK Feeding Solution
Open, fully integrated and modern feeding software that offers pellet detection with alarm function, activity monitoring, integrates with existing hardware, multi-location management – all in one application. FiiZK’s Feeding Solution is developed for modern day farming. One of the key aspects of this feeding solution is that it is hardware independent an does not “overlap” […] Read more
FiiZK Horizon Management Tool
FiiZK Horizon Management Tool is a period closing tool that is integrated with Horizon Budget and Horizon Planner. This enables the user to manage all operational processes due to the incorporation of ERP software to provide a comprehensive summary to effectively manage their business. FiiZK Horizon Management Tool integrates the following facets: External prosess data […] Read more
FiiZK 360
The story behind our commitment FiiZK is a Norwegian manufacturer of technical textiles in plastic – approximately 800,000 m2 of lice skirt is produced annually. 150,000 tonnes of plastic is used in the Norwegian Aquaculture industry, where about 40,000 tonnes are disposed annually. SINTEF Report 2017 “Material flows in the aquaculture industry” Increasing focus on recycling […] Read more
FiiZK CTRL is the next generation production control system for fish farming. Our solution is built on a modern platform that will be your first choice for an integrated solution that removes unnecessary duplication of data registrations so you have maximal production control. Our goals are: User friendly interface Scalability Simple and clear role-based user […] Read more
FiiZk Analytics
We have extensive knowledge in data analysis, which data sources are available and what challenges the aquaculture industry may have. FiiZK Analytics also offers a range of production analytics and consulting services. Combined with our powerful data tools we can offer: Compile and structure data from many different sources (sensory science, economics, biology system etc.) […] Read more
FiiZK Data Integrator
Smart collection and distribution of data for further processing - industrial IoT - designed for the aquaculture industry Read more
FiiZK Land based Systems
FiiZK Land-based Aquaculture provides efficient operation of plants, increased safety and growth. Read more
FiiZK Horizon Budget
FiiZK Horizon Budget consists of budget and assumptions and is integrated with FiiZK Horizon Planner so that the latest biological forecasts are reflected in the budget as production-driven costs. Read more
FiiZK Horizon Optimizer
The FiiZK Horizon Optimizer provides a quantum leap compared to conventional planning methods. A module to optimize production given constraints such as MTB, size and number of smolt, capacities, food types, temperature, production cost etc. Read more