Certus 10000 – 30000 Semi-closed containment systems (S-CCS), where an impervious barrier surrounds cultured salmonids to separate them from their external environment, are an important addition to open-net cage farming at sea to aid in ambitions to increase aquaculture production volumes, reduce risk of escapes and eliminate sea lice pressures. For over 10 years, FiiZK […] Read more
Certus Harvest
Closed waiting cage Our patented holding cage for harvest size fish, with a capacity up to 750 metric tons, provides a biologically secure and safe environment for fish pending processing. The cage is completely sealed off to the surrounding environment and therefore stops external transmission of unwanted pathogens that some market size fish may harbour. […] Read more
Eco Model S
Eco Model S is optimised for broodstock production with four 15×15 or 20×20 metre net pens inside a closed fabric bag. The Model S design provides flexibility for sorting and separating groups of fish. The Model S is delivered turnkey from 20,000 m3 to 30,000 m3. Available in the Standard Model S and S+. *In […] Read more
Eco Model R
Post-smolt & Full-cycle Grow-out Eco Model R is designed for the optimal production of post-smolts or grow-out to harvest size. The high water exchange with a controlled, rotating water flow provides the perfect conditions for high stocking densities at all fish sizes. *In January 2022 Ecomerden became a part of the FiiZK Group. Model R […] Read more
Membrane Filtration Technology
Membrane filtration solutions remove unwanted components and ensure stable water quality. A membrane is a material that allows some substances to pass through and retains others – a selective barrier. A specific membrane material will retain components of a certain size or with certain chemical properties. For water filtration, pressure is used to get purified […] Read more
Diluvium® Flood Barrier
Diluvium® is manufactured from Technical Textiles and is an ultralight, ultrastrong flood barrier. Its patented design creates excellent flood protection combined with maximum ease of use. It is quick to set up and works in almost any environment. FiiZK assists companies to improve their business by increasing profitability, reducing costs and improving safety. Our industry […] Read more
Bath treatments
Bath treatments in ion-modified water is highly effective against sea lice and AGD. Bath treatments in ion-modified water is a gentle treatment method to remove sea lice and AGD from salmon. The treatment is gentler to the fish compared to mechanical treatments. This means better welfare, lower mortalities, and less economical loss related to treatments. […] Read more
Purification of inlet water
Clean inlet water is important for growth and welfare in all aquaculture facilities. Depending on the water sources available, FiiZK Aqua provide different solutions to customize the water quality for your specific need. An FiiZK Aqua water treatment plant will prevent diseases and provide optimal growth conditions for your fish. This will lead to decreased […] Read more
FiiZK Omnia
Reporting done right! Read more
Mesh safety net 392 S2
Protect 392 S2 is a very open fire-retardant network with excellent weight / strength ratio that has good transmission of light and ventilation, well suited for the smelter industry and shipyards. Very versatile material used for securing or for partitions or doors. This can be combined with all our types of PVC tarpaulins we produce. […] Read more