Bath treatments in ion-modified water is highly effective against sea lice and AGD.

Bath treatments in ion-modified water is a gentle treatment method to remove sea lice and AGD from salmon. The treatment is gentler to the fish compared to mechanical treatments.

This means better welfare, lower mortalities, and less economical loss related to treatments.

FiiZK Aqua has a patented membrane filtration solution that can be applied in different setups for bath treatments, such as in well boats and in tarpaulins in the net pens.

To sum it up briefly, it turns out that the method is very effective against salmon lice, and this was investigated by the Marine Institute in Galway when they tested the treatment effect of our water.

Bath treatment with tarpaulin in a net pen

Methods of bath treatment

Well Boat Treatments

FiiZK Aqua provides desalination plants for bath treatments in well boats. Desalination plants can be placed on board a well boat. This will eliminate the need for transport of fresh water to treatment locations, thus offering an economical solution for both fish farmers and well boat companies.

The water produced with the FiiZK Aqua patented nanofiltration (NF) solution have shown high efficiency against sea lice and AGD. The desalination plants can be delivered both as customized builds to fit the interior of a well boat or as containerized units placed on deck.

Benefits of our solution:

Simplifies wellboat operation by producing ion-modified water on board, and avoids retrieving water from a fresh water source. This results in lower operating costs.
Desalination plants supply very clean water. Particles and pathogens are filtered out, which contributes to increased biosafety and fish welfare during treatment.
Expands the functionality of existing well boats by allowing facilities to be retrofitted.

Illustration of bath treatment in a well boat

Tarpaulin Treatments

Bath treatments can be performed effectively in tarpaulins in net pens. The tarpaulin is then filled with ion-modified water from an FiiZK Aqua membrane filtration plant. The plant may be placed on a service barge or on a well boat. This treatment method has been performed regularly with very good results in commercial scale using the FiiZK Aqua patented nanofiltration solution.

Brackish water layer in net pens

A brackish water layer in top of a net pen will reduce sea lice and AGD infection.

FiiZK Aqua is providing a solution to the recurring disease problems in open net pens.
A brackish water layer will reduce sea lice and AGD infection. For the fish farmer this mean reduced risk, better exploitation of the allowed biomass, and lower treatment costs.
The brackish water layer is also improving fish welfare by reducing the number of treatments and need for handling.

We can offer a preventative solution by making a layer of brackish water in top of the net pen by adding ion-modified water. Adaptation of feeding, light conditions, and net pen design will make the fish enter the brackish water zone regularly. The ion-modified water can be produced on location by an FiiZK Aqua filtration plant placed on a service barge. Alternatively, the water may be led by piping from a filtration plant on land.

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