FiiZK has since 2010 developed and delivered closed cages to the aquaculture industry. We have developed a flexible tarp-based concept for closed cages at sea. This is the most cost-effective way to build and operate closed production units at sea. We have delivered closed cages from 2,500 m3 to 15,000 m3


Good results in Cermaq’s closed cage from FiiZK (Former Botngaard)

Three months after the fish was released, it is clear that the salmon in the closed cage in Horsvaagen are thriving and performing very well.

– The fish has grown faster than the fish in the surrounding cages, mortality is minimal and lice are no problem, says a satisfied Kjell Hansen, project coordinator for Cermaq in Nordland.

The Cermaq closed cage is the world’s largest tarp-based closed cage. It is product certified for sites with Hs 2.0 and Vc 0.7 – toughest in class.


Technical data:

– Volume: 15,000 m3

– Biomass: 400 tonnes (at fish density 50 kg / m3)

– 16-sided floating collar in steel pipe

– Heavy duty PVC bag closes production volume

– 4 independent seawater intakes

– Sensors: O2, salinity, pH, turbidity, temperature

– Automatic O2 regulation if required

– control system for operation, monitoring and alarm in case of non-conformity



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