Closed cages

FiiZK has developed and delivered closed cages to the aquaculture industry in Norway and internationally since 2010.


Production of post-smolt from 100 g to 2 kg
Production of livestock all the way to harvest
Hold of brood fish in the last sea phase from 5 kg to 16 kg

System description

  1. Floating collar in steel with platforms for placement of technical equipment.
  2. Powerful industrial tarpaulin that closes the production volume
  3. Lice-free seawater is pumped in through independent seawater intakes
  4. Wastewater exits through drains in the tarpaulin
  5. Faeces and food waste goes in to a sludge collector which pumps up the waste for further handling
  6. Sensors continuously measure water quality
  7. Oxygen is added automatically when required
  8. Control & steering systems enables automatic operation, monitoring of operational and component status, in addition to continuous monitoring of water quality. For extra peace of mind, an alarm management system is fully operational in the event of any deviations from set parameter values.

The cages are delivered in sizes from 10,000 m3 to 30,000 m3
Product Certified according to the Norwegian technical requirements (NS 9415)

Certus Harvest

Closed waiting cage for holding harvest fish with sea lice, bacterial or viral infections.
Wastewater can be fully disinfected.

Delivered in sizes adapted to the harvest processing plant and existing waiting cage facilities.


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