Closed waiting cage

Our patented holding cage for harvest size fish, with a capacity up to 750 metric tons, provides a biologically secure and safe environment for fish pending processing. The cage is completely sealed off to the surrounding environment and therefore stops external transmission of unwanted pathogens that some market size fish may harbour.

FiiZK’s UV disinfection and filtration system on the harvest cage allows for effective inactivation of target pathogens such as SAV (PD) and ISAV of the outlet sea water which significantly reduces biosecurity risks.

As always, fish welfare is paramount and the Certus Harvest cage provides a prime environment where water quality is continuously monitored with a network of sensors (O2, pH, Temperature and salinity) delivering optimal water conditions for the fish.

Another added benefit is it enables wellboats to be freed up to carry out other operations instead of holding fish for extended periods of time when the processing capacity is stretched.

The cages can be delivered in sizes adapted to the processing plant and existing waiting cage facilities.