The employes at FiiZK have a good knowledge and experience in all our business areas. Several of these employees  takes on consultancy assignments related to purchases of our products, but also as an independent consultancy assignment. The assignment we can offers is for example preparation of specific growth models down to the site level, or preparation of various reports that are specific to the individual customer. If you purchase software related to finance and budget we can take on project that go beyond the software itself, and that requires revise of the costumer`s overall accounting setup.  

We can help you figure out different solutions related to the use of closed Cages and their utilization that will work best for you, as well as solutions for contructions of superstructures and lighting installations on land.


Please contact the CMO at FiiZK for a dialogue regarding your needs. We will find out which employee or the combination of employees that will costum-made the best solutions for you, so you have the best possible basis for making important and costly decisions in your company.




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