Good procedures for disinfection are required when moving equipment between different sites. Our disinfection tarps are made of a silicone-coated polyamide material. Whether disinfecting boats or cages, this material is impenetrable to provide protection against the spread of infection. 

We will tailor the tarp to fit whatever you want to disinfect including boats, rings and other floating equipment used in the aquaculture industry. We also supply customised cloths for disinfecting barges. 

The use of approved disinfectants is only permitted for disinfection of aquaculture facilities, transport units and equipment. Disinfectants need to be strong in order to have the intended effect. The question is how the disinfectant affects the fabric in terms of durability and life expectancy. FiiZK has tested all parts of the fabric with dosages that are far higher than recommended to make sure they are met.