Post-smolt & Full-cycle Grow-out

Eco Model R is designed for the optimal production of post-smolts or grow-out to harvest size. The high water exchange with a controlled, rotating water flow provides the perfect conditions for high stocking densities at all fish sizes. Available in the Standard Model R and R Plus other options.

*In January 2022 Ecomerden became a part of the FiiZK Group.

Model R

Model R is a robust closed pen that can be installed at exposed locations with up to 2.5 meters significant wave height and currents of up to 2 knots. This model can produce up to one million post-smolts at 1kg twice a year or 500.000 post-smolts at a lower weight three times a year.

Model R+ includes all the specs from the Standard model, plus Waste Treatment System and/or Water Filtration System that take fish farming to a whole new level of sustainability and circular economy.

All production systems are protected from sea lice.

Model R (Standard)

Module based in 8, 10 or 12 x 12m pontoons. Size can be adjusted according
to customers’ needs.

  • Constructed for up to 2,5 m significant wave height (Hs) and 2 knots current.
  • Streamlined ergonomic design for safe and efficient operation.
  • Rugged, aluminium floating collar with sand-painted deck.
  • Separate watertight pontoons guarantee safe buoyancy if damaged.
  • Simple anchoring in existing anchoring grids.
  • Control room can be integrated on the floating collar or in a separate location.
  • Emergency generator installed in the floating collar.
  • Containment bag fabricated with extremely robust marine fabric, welded together according to customers’ needs. Bag depth can be customized for shallow locations.
  • Oxygen injected in the incoming water flow or inside the closed pen for optimal oxygen levels and a controlled environment.
  • 20-year life span for the floating collar.
  • 12-year life span for the fabric bag.
  • All FiiZK Eco closed pens are constructed according to Norwegian standard NS9415:2009 and the NYTEK regulation.

Model R+ (Standard Plus)

Everything in the Standard,
plus the options of

  • Waste Treatment System
  • Water Filtration System