FiiZk Analytics

FiiZK Digital has a unique aquaculture knowledge base. In combination with our software tools, we are a preferred partner when it comes to data analysis and consulting services. Our goal is to solve growth challenges in the aquaculture industry.​

  • Analysis and development of models
  • Production analysis
  • Production planning and optimization
  • Customized reports

From instinct to science

FiiZK Modelling Experience-based models

By using experience figures from your production, we can create tailor-made models for growth, mortality, starvation, appetite, size distribution, as well as a number of other areas.

If you use these models in planning, you will achieve significantly higher precision in your estimates, so that, for example, harvest registration, feed ordering, and financial forecasts are accurate.

Using modern techniques such as neural networks (AI), we can offer some of the most precise models in the industry.

FiiZK Analysis – Understand your data

Modern-day farming is focused on an increasing amount of information gathered about the fish and it’s environment from multiple sources.

The challenge today is not how much you can collect or store, but how efficiently you use data. Our experienced consultants and analysts can unleash the potential that lies in all the data stored to date and the huge amounts you will collect in the future.

We offer supplier-independent analysis of feed, feeding, genetics, mortality, and lice costs – both as projects and as regular follow-up.​

FiiZK Optimize – Higher profits through maximum utilization of resources

Horizon Optimizer has been helping farmers find optimal strategies since 2008. Now we also offer the power of Horizon Optimizer as a service.

With the help of tailor-made models and experienced consultants, we can quickly help you make the right tactical and strategic choices in production, assist in zoning planning, or investigate in connection with license applications and planning of new locations.

FiiZK Custom Reports – Striking visualization & interactive dashboards

Customized reports suited to your wishes. The real value in data is acknowledged through interpretation, visualization and sharing.

FiiZK offers supplier-independent reports, either through our comprehensive report packages or customized to your requirements. Share updated key figures and reports with your employees through the browser or your mobile.