We have extensive knowledge in data analysis, which data sources are available and what challenges the aquaculture industry may have.

FiiZK Analytics offers a range of production analytics and consulting services:

Consulting services
FiiZK Analytics provides consulting services in a broad field of areas.

  • Analysis and development of models.
  • Assistance/ advice on the FiiZK Digital Horizon product portfolio.
  • Production planning
  • Aquaculture economics
  • System: Consult on the configuration of ERP systems and production system integrations
  • Integrations: Assist our customers with customized integrations with other system suppliers, set up system structure and draw the technical setup
  • Developing tailored solutions for aquaculture

Production Analyses
FiiZK Analytics can offer a variety of analyses of historical production data

  • Salmon Calculator: Estimate of size distribution on harvested fish (several phases).
  • Fish density: Effects of fish density on growth rate for salmon and trout.
  • Sexual maturation of trout: Relationship between sexual maturation and various production parameters.
  • Growth model: Development of an addition model for salmon and trout (several phases).
  • Mortality model: Development of mortality model for salmon and trout under different production conditions.
  • Genetic analysis: The effect of different roe strains on production KPI in fresh and seawater phase.