FiiZK CTRL is the next generation production control system for fish farming.

The first choice if you are looking for a future-oriented solution for production control. Offline functionality, robust devices and user-friendly interfaces designed for field operations are part of the digitization that FiiZK CTRL will deliver to achieve the best possible production control.

What do you get with FiiZK CTRL?

  • User friendly interface ​
  • Cloud based with offline functionality ​
  • Digitization ​
  • Fully integrated ​
  • Collaboration platform​
  • Easy accessible data 

User friendly interface – mobile units ​

The solution is built on a modern platform and flexible interface that adapts to mobile devices. Large and easily accessible registration fields, easy navigation adapted to difficult field working conditions means you get the job done!

Cloud-based with offline function – Always operational​

With FiiZK CTRL you can register data where network coverage is poor or absent. You get your job done and when online access is available all the data previously  input will sync automatically into the cloud.

Digitization – Never again pen & paper ​

Get an overview of your daily workload as your day begins. All work tasks, plans and instructions are easily accessible in a neat overview. Working digitally will eliminate sources of error from relying on manual intermediate steps.

Fully integrated – Full overview​

Get all the information you need in one place instead of spending time gathering information from many different systems and sources. FiiZK CTRL is an open platform that integrates with relevant sources and systems.

Collaboration platform – simplified communication​

Higher productivity through simple and clear communication. Take a picture of the fish and send it directly to fish health via our built-in chat. Plan and distribute tasks. Get a full overview and status of all tasks through checklists. Simple setup with little need for support from us as a supplier.

Easily accessible data– Improved analysis​

With FiiZK CTRL, users can record what they are performing, observing and measuring as early as possible in a standardized way. In combination with close integration of other systems and sources, this will be a revolutionary step in terms of data driven analysis.