FiiZK CTRL is the next generation production control system for fish farming.

Our solution is built on a modern platform that will be your first choice for an integrated solution that removes unnecessary duplication of data registrations so you have maximal production control.

Our goals are:

  • User friendly interface
  • Scalability
  • Simple and clear role-based user management
  • Efficient data flow between different systems
  • Automated data collection
  • Registration of data on handheld devices

Data registration processes often require all data to be registered at once, even if data comes from different sources at different times. By using FiiZK Ctrl, users can register what they are performing, observing and measuring as it happens.

Offline functionality, robust devices and user-friendly interfaces designed for field operations are part of the digitisation that FiiZK Ctrl will drive forward to achieve the best possible production control.

Just as important is the availability of data located in the cloud. By using FiiZK Analytics you can say goodbye to data that is difficult to retrieve, in confusing formats and in useless structures. Well-designed dimensions and key figures in Microsoft Analysis Services (MAS) are ready for use in reporting and information exchange.

Odd Vetle Haarsaker

Sales Manager Digital

(+47) 906 20 282